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he Fashion finest crowds were out this weekend with the bevy of entertaining functions all around, toasting to a good life and generally having so such a good time. Events in Nigeria especially by this time are not as tough to tackle as the rest of the year, asides from the increased heat which can put a strain on wearing really bulky clothes, depending on the enu you can get away with floor length styles. This weekend, the fashion crowd pulled out some of the most interesting styles; we’ve got to point out that while there are other materials that can work well for functions as well as casual wears the Ankara is king on both front. We’ve come to this conclusion all thanks to the best Ankara aso ebi styles from this past weekend. Typically, some weeks goes by and there isn’t so much going on. But this weekend, there were a lot of activities and a lot of Ankara aso ebi styles were posted on the gram. Out of all of these aso ebi Ankara styles, we’ve selected some very interesting pieces that we know would put you on the ‘fashion finest map’ is you aren’t there already.


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